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Staff H&S Consultation Safety Meetings

t is not surprising to learn that some of the most effective H&S improvements come from ideas suggested by the workers who face the hazards that exist in their workplace. We welcome any suggestions that may avoid accidents or improve working conditions. So, with that in mind, we publish the dates of the next staff consultation meetings planned for 2024. Please send in your suggestions by email to the H&S team, or attend the meeting in person. These meetings are held on a Wednesday at Head Office, starting at 12:00 noon, on the following dates:

Jan: 17-01-24 Feb: 14-02-24 Mar: 13-03-24 Apr: 17-04-24 May: 15-05-24 Jun: 12-06-24

Jul: 17-07-24 Aug: 14-08-24 Sep: 18-09-24 Oct: 16-10-24 Nov: 13-11-24 Dec: 11-12-24

Safety topic: June 2024

We have recently added a P50 Powder fire extinguisher for use on our sites. In the event of a small fire, use your training to assess if it is safe for you to use a fire extinguisher to put it out. Remember your first priority is to raise the alarm and always keep yourself safe by continually checking you leave yourself a safe exit route as you tackle the fire. The next step is to make sure you use the correct type of extinguisher. Powder extinguishers can be used for most fires accept on metal. Water and live electrics never mix, and remember to hold carbon dioxide extinguishers only by the handles to avoid cold-burn injuries.

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